A Note on Attending ManBQue in Year 18 of the New Willienium

A Note on Attending ManBQue in Year 18 of the New Willienium

We’ve been getting together as ManBQue—in one form or another—since 2006. That’s a long time to share a pork hobby, and we’re pretty thrilled it’s lasted as long as it has. Together we’ve cooked for the Today Show, the Breeders, and Baconfest. We’ve written a couple of books, made the Stanley Cup entirely out of meat, and most importantly have enjoyed hundreds of beer-soaked grill sessions with new friends. When we come together like some bushy-bearded beef Voltron, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

That said, we’ve always encountered questions like “what do I have to do to get invited?” and “do you do any events open to everyone?” Not just recently, for years. We get where that comes from—the yelling, the nicknames, the entirely undeserved media coverage. In the right light, it can create a mirage of exclusivity. Like it’s an underground black market burger purveyor you need a secret knock and a passcode to enter. So we’re taking time to clear that up once and for all.

If you’re reading this, you’re invited. Simple, right? You just have to remember to show up with food and beer, because we cook and drink beer and that’s kind of the point. This year, we’ll be doing big-ass quarterly MEATings, along with a lot of exciting brewery events, dinners, and super-secret test kitchen sessions—for everybody.

Very Quick and Extremely Official FAQ

  • Can I come to ManBQue?
    • Yes. We’ve covered this.
  • I’m a woman. Can I still come?
    • Yep. ManBQue events are open to everyone. Man, woman, human, everyman.
  • I am a very precocious 6-year-old child who happens to be reading this. What about me?
    • Sorry, you’re the one exception. Given the drinking, the fire, the knives, and the dialogue, we insist on 21+ only. No kids, even supervised.
  • I have a very good dog/very surly cat. Can they come?
    • Depends on the policy of the place we’re hosting. People are probably going to try to feed them food, though. And jalapeno bratwurst isn’t great for canine digestion.
  • I bought meat. Will you cook it for me?
    • No. You got this!
  • I don’t drink.
    • That’s fine. A lot of people don’t. No one’s going to make you – this isn’t some terrible frat at your safety school. And don’t worry about having to bring beer, either.
  • Can I invite friends?
    • Can and should. That’s how most ManBQue members got to be ManBQue members in the first place.

If you have any more questions, come to an event and ask. It’ll be fun, we promise.