End of Summer Beers

End of Summer Beers

by John Scholl

We’re currently in that very last moment before summer draws to a close and Oktoberfest/Pumpkin beers saturate the world. It’s time to have one last warm weather beer hurrah. Time is fleeting, and choices are plentiful, so here are a few beers that can’t be passed up. Hurry before Pumpkin/Marzen/Lederhosen season is upon us.

ManBQue RosamosaRevolution Brewery Rosa + Orange Juice = RosaMosa (aka Thug Passion)

I’m a sucker for Revolution Brewery’s Rosa. I even told myself “I will not write about Rosa for the rest of the year.” Then the RosaMosa, aka the Thug Passion, happened at my house earlier this summer. It was a regular cookout with a bucket full of beer and a grill stocked with meat – then the Godfather walked in with a bottle of orange juice. Nothing says “ManBQue!” like mixing together a pink beer with orange juice, but soon everyone at the party was holding a 50/50 mix of Rosa and juice. The fizzy tartness is palatable for those with the worst hangover, yet pairs superbly with an onion-covered brat. This beer cocktail has been in rotation ever since.

ManBQue 18th Street Grapefruit DeadGrapefruit Dead Double IPA 18th Street Brewery

I’d never tried any 18th Street Brewery beer until I received a few bottles of Grapefruit Dead, their collaboration with Mikkeller. This DIPA is by far my favorite beer this summer. The bright Grateful Dead tribute label segues into an outstanding bitter beer with hints of grapefruit and a sweet finish. Limited release means it won’t be on any store shelves, but your beer geek buddy may have a bottle. As a double IPA, this beer is not for cellaring. Drink it now. Better yet – drink it with a fresh hop in it.

ManBQue Genesee_Cream_AleGenesee Cream Ale

The word “adjunct” has a bad reputation among beer drinkers, mostly because major breweries have taken their use to an extreme. Cream ales typically have corn in them. And yes, corn is considered an adjunct. But personally I would love to see craft breweries make more cream ales. I think they steer clear because they don’t want to use corn as an adjunct. Cream ales are great warm weather, bbq-eating, patio-drinking beer. Light with more flavor than a traditional lager, but still low with malt and hops. You don’t have to be deep into the beer culture to enjoy Genesee as a great alternative to a Miller or Bud Light.