Make Wings, Get Published: Announcing Wing Warfare

Make Wings, Get Published: Announcing Wing Warfare

Wing Warfare

Every month, the competitors at ManBQue MEATings brawl for food supremacy over the forging heat of the grill fire. Each man is determined to have his personal meat Sistine Chapel named Best Dish. The prize most months? A bottle of booze, some promotional swag, or a ManBQue shirt. The prize this month?


The directors of ManBQue hereby throw down the gauntlet and declare the May MEATing as Wing Warfare month. The best wing of the night gets their recipe developed for the ManBQue cookbook, where it will live through the ages in bookstores, libraries, and Amazon warehouses until the day society falls and it is up to future alien archaeologists to once again raise the banner of Meat, Beer, and Rock N Roll.

The rules are simple:

1. One dozen wings cooked, with the best six (three flats, three drumettes) delivered to the judges in a marked container that we’ll provide.

2. Bring the recipe with you – no “I jus’ trew some stuff togetha” on this night.

3. Make sure it’s your own recipe, not Chef Glitterboy McTelevision’s Store-Brand Spice Rub.

4. Use real bone-in chicken wings. The boneless wing cookoff will be at the TGI Friday’s down the street.

That’s all. Be creative. Do delicious things. Stake your place in eternity.


The ManBQue Board of Directors


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