Man Beer School: Study Abroad, Photographic Research

H. Vulgare recently returned from a journey through Western Europe and Scandinavia in search of the regions’ finest beers. Look for his full report, Man Beer School: Study Abroad, in the weeks to come, but in the meantime enjoy this sneak peek of a number of H. Vulgare’s European conquests:

The Mikkeller Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark. Unbelievable quality and selection of of beers on tap and in bottle. A must for any European Beer Pilgrimage. Mikkeler_Bar

Festival glass full of Westvleteren 12, “the best beer in the world” (according to

Huge turnout at the Bruges Beer Festival

2009 Rodenbach Grand Cru, the perfect way to say good bye to the Bruges Beer Festival

The Belgians really like their glass wear. They have a different glass for each brewery!

Mikkeller Bar, Copenhagen Denmark.

German Schwarzbier, a smooth dark lager. Yum!


– H. Vulgare

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