Manbque learns you: Pulled pork

Manbque learns you: Pulled pork

At Manbque, besides being carnivorous consumers, we also want to be a resource for our audience…so welcome to Manbque pig school! (I just made this up, so bear with me)

Let me start off by sharing some pork knowledge. There are three most common cuts of pork; here’s a major difference between the pork shoulder, pork butt and the picnic cut.

The pork shoulder is actually both the pork butt and the picnic cut together:





The pork butt is the top portion, closest to the shoulder:






The picnic cut is the bottom portion, shank end of the pork shoulder:






Manbque says:
1. Pork butt is a bit more pricey than picnic cut, but less fatty.
2. Picnic cut has more bone, less meat and more skin wich means you get less end product.
3. Both pork butt and picnic cut are great for pulled pork, we used the picnic cut for this recipe.