ManBQue’s Guide To Brew Day

ManBQue’s Guide To Brew Day

As beer lovers start to move out of their twenties, settle down, have kids, they reminisce of the times when they we were able to go out on a Tuesday and throw a few drinks down with friends. Now a full time corporate job has us stuck with dreams of going into business for ourselves, being with our friends, and creating something with our hands.  The home brewing culture has exploded in the last decade and communities around it have formed. Most don’t care about opening a brewery; what has drawn them in is the DIY attitude of like-minded individuals  Let’s face it, a brew day isn’t about brewing beer – it’s  an excuse to have a good time.

I started brewing with extract kits, started getting advice from other home brewers, attending brew days to learn how to better my skills and have made some great friends along the way. Now when I host an event, it’s educational with friends, food, and bottle sharing.

Recently I hosted an all grain brew day where we made hibiscus farmhouse ale. I could go into the actual procedure of brewing – but you have google to figure that out.  Instead, let’s focus on the experience.

Remember to clean all equipment before you have friends over, no one wants to come over to help you clean. I had around 10 people in my house this day – for some reason only a few where actually photographed.

ManBQue - Brew - Day - MashMash in.

IMG_9294Mash Tuns are better watched with friends.

IMG_9300This obviously calls for a beer.

IMG_9297Mash Out

IMG_9295Pass around the hops and have someone help weigh them.

IMG_9296Share a beer in triumph.

ManBQue WortBoil wort.

IMG_9304Try a new beer.

IMG_9306Prepare for fermentation (try not to spill everywhere since you’ve been drinking).

IMG_9308Raid host’s cellar for celebration beer.

IMG_9309Host is fine with this.

IMG_9314Take clothes from hosts closet, put them on,  claim that you’re “John Scholl”, and steal his wife and child.

IMG_9330The aftermath of the day. Lot’s of great beers. See that Heady Topper? How about the Bourbon County Stout variants? Throw in some home brews and a Russian River and call it a brew day!

IMG_9329Don’t for get to clean up the mess. Eh screw that, it can wait until tomorrow.