MEATHENGE by The Meat Architects

MEATHENGE by The Meat Architects

Last week yet another theory surfaced trying to explain the purpose of the Stonehenge monument in England. The Manbque Meat Architects were inspired and immediately took action. (Actually lead meat architect, Eric aka Well Hung, came up with the idea and it took some persuading on his part for the rest of the team to jump on board. Good job!)

MEATHENGE was a 2 day undertaking; the first day was a dry-run that fell short of expectations but still yielded great ideas that were key in completing the project.

One of the details that we really wanted to capture was the bright green grass at Stonehenge which we re-created with a kale pesto, courtesy of the mind of AJ aka Meat Coffin.

We needed strong pilars and didn’t want to take a shortcut by simply using ground beef. The original plan called for corn bread wrapped in bacon, which turned out to be a weak idea. So we ended up coming up with Thai spiced corn bread and wrapping it in a homemade Thai sausage that we created.

We wanted something different for the stones that rest on top of the pilars; we chose to usecoffee rubbed flank steak.

For the broken, random pieces of rock, we cut up pieces of chuck roast that we marinated in another one of our homemade marinades.

Day two brought an entirely new approach and game plan which resulted in a success that exceeded our expectations.


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