Mostly Crap: ManBQue Reviews Perfect Fries

Mostly Crap: ManBQue Reviews Perfect Fries

By John Carruthers

We at ManBQue have a deep and emotionally rich relationship with French fries. We went through gallons of peanut oil perfecting the fry recipes in EAT STREET. And in doing so, we learned that one of the most important aspects of good fries is consistent shape. So I sent Luke something that TV told me would make impeccably-shaped fries a breeze. It promises it right there in the name: PERFECT! Unfortunately, I think there may be some “World’s Greatest Cup of Coffee” irony at play here:

Fun! Who doesn’t like punching a potato until they break stuff? It was what my Irish ancestors did for entertainment before they invented Catholicism. Join us next time when Luke reviews something else! Spoiler alert: statistically, it’s likely to be crap.


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