Mostly Crap: ManBQue Reviews the Clever Cutter

Mostly Crap: ManBQue Reviews the Clever Cutter

By John Carruthers

I have a secret to share with you – I’m trying to ruin Luke Gelman’s life. He’s agreed to review kitchen gadgets on video, but he didn’t say anything about them being useful or anything. So we’ve scoured the murky depths of late night television and wandered far into the Amazon wilderness to send Luke the best of worst. But not all of it ends up being terrible – and for those precious few, our coveted Not Crap rating is like a Michelin Star for coked-up infomercial hosts.

This week, I ordered Luke the Clever Cutter, which suggests you can throw out your kitchen knives and cutting boards by welcoming it into your home. Seems legit – I know when I’m cutting up a rib rack or butchering a leg of lamb, I find myself wishing I had a shitty salad chopper with a one-inch cutting board attached. So how did it go for Luke? Let’s learn together:

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