Mostly Crap: ManBQue Reviews the Stir Crazy

Mostly Crap: ManBQue Reviews the Stir Crazy

By John Carruthers

We’ve tested Luke’s will with the Clever Cutter, and his sanity with Chef Fake Ass Chef’s Terrible Grill Mats. Today we go mechanical in our torments, with the Stir Crazy—a robot born only to stir shit for you. Except you can’t leave it unattended, lest the robot uprising happen while your marinara burns. How’d that turn out? Let’s see.

Later, I asked Luke why he didn’t shoot a side-by-side with him just whisking in the dye for comparison. He said you couldn’t compare the Stir Crazy to a whisk.

And that’s when I knew the Madness had him.

Join us next time as Gelman’s sanity continues to crumble.