R.I.P. Harold Ramis’ Most Memorable Music Moments

R.I.P. Harold Ramis’ Most Memorable Music Moments


Yesterday we learned that comic genius, legendary writer, actor, and director, and bona fide Ghostbuster Harold Ramis has sadly passed away. In tribute, here are our favorite on-screen music moments featuring the late, great star:

Stripes (1981):
In this military-themed comedy, Ramis’ character Harold Ziskey lets his friend John Winger (Bill Murray) talk him into joining the army, even though he had it pretty good teaching adult ESL:

The army has many, many challenges, but Ziskey keeps his cool, and the beat, for the rest of his squad.

Heavy Metal (1981):

Playing against type in this 1981 animated cult classic based on fantasy and sci-fi stories from Heavy Metal Magazine, Harold Ramis appears as Zeke, a drug-addled alien co-piloting a spaceship with fellow alien Eugene Levy. Song: “All of You” by Don Felder

Ghostbusters 2 (1989):

The Ghostbusters saga has spawned a number of songs, from Ray Parker Jr.’s theme for the original film, to Run D.M.C.‘s rap, to Bobby Brown’s danceable lament, “On Our Own,” but the best music moment in the film is when Ramis and crew crank up Jackie Wilson’s classic “Higher and Higher” (sung here by Howard Huntberry), take a joyride in Lady Liberty’s crown and save New York City by destroying the evil forces that have taken it under siege.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007):

Harold Ramis plays L’Chaim, a Hasidic music executive who jams out to Dewey Cox’s (John C. Reiley) countrified version of “That’s Amore.”

Airheads (1994):

In this much-loved, goofball flick of the 1990s, Harold Ramis plays an FBI agent masquerading as a music industry exec and tries to sneak into the sealed off radio station under the guise of offering the band (The Lone Rangers) a record contract. The “airheads” don’t fall for it so quickly, and instead, school Ramis in some of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest truths, resulting in one of the most quotable movie lines of the era.

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