Bacon S’Mores

Bacon S’Mores

This week’s recipe came from Death Toll Scholl at the last ManBQue MEATing. As you can see above, it has everyone’s Seal of Approval. It is proof that we men of the grill can do dessert as well as anyone. It’s also easy to prep beforehand, meaning that you can blow off the faces of your guests without much of a break from that glass of Wild Turkey. You’ve got delicious bacon, creamy marshmallows, chocolate with a kick, and graham cracker to add texture.

If you can get fancy-pants marshmallows, go for it. But with a food like s’mores, it’s about emotional attachment as much as anything. If you grew up on blackened Stay-Pufts, then go for it. Just don’t think of the Marshmallow Man when Gozer the Gozerian asks you to choose the method of your doom.

Bamboo skewers, soaked in water at least 30 min prior to assembly

Large marshmallows are excellent for this recipe. The thing about food packaging at present is that large is never the biggest size. There’s also jumbo. Don’t use those – you want the perfect bacon-chocolate-cracker ratio in concert with a well-sized marshamallow. That’s just science.


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