Fast Foods: Basil Goat Cheese Pizza

Fast Foods: Basil Goat Cheese Pizza
Imagine how much better this would be if I could roll dough into a remotely recognizable geometrical shape. Magic, I tell you!

You know those nights where work sucks, the commute is a bastard, and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking? This recipe is perfect for those kind of nights, with time and effort comparable to picking up crappy takeout, and a much better result.

Using a pre-made crust might not be much of a foodie’s purist approach, but Tuesday nights after an eight hour day don’t always allow for that. This is still a fresh, fairly healthy meal that beats the hell out of obstructing your colon with Arby’s.

Let’s set out how to make a superb pizza in a half hour. But first, a tedious note about equipment!

Tedious Note


The instructions assume you have a pizza stone. I got mine as a gift, but if you don’t have one, there are alternatives to dropping $40 on a stone at a fancy kitchenware store. You can use a cookie sheet, at the expense of the extra-crispy crust, or you can head down to Lowe’s or Home Depot and ask for some unglazed quarry tiles. Buy a bunch of them and line the bottom of your oven with them, taking care not to block the vents. They’re about 70 cents apiece. Buy extras in case a tile cracks. Go crazy. You’ll get all the benefit of an expensive stone at a tenth of the price. Leaving them in the oven all the time will help temper them to heat changes and keep a more consistent temperature in your oven.

You’re also going to want a food processor and a pizza peel (the wooden pizza board you seen in every movie ever with a pizza parlor in it) along with the aforementioned stone/tiles. You’re also definitely going to want fresh Parmesan, as opposed to the sawdust in the green can that you shake over pasta.


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