Home Sausagery: The Maxwell Street Polish

Home Sausagery: The Maxwell Street Polish

The Maxwell Street Polish sausage is a true Chicago classic, a sort of hybridization of the classic hot dog and the kielbasa. It’s the closest thing to street food we have in this overly-regulated town, minus a couple elotes stands in the neighborhoods.


According to various stories I’ve heard slurred from bar stools over the years, the Polish wasn’t invented by a Polish guy at all, but a Macedonian immigrant named Jimmy. Now it’s got a place in the Chicago food pantheon along with Italian beef, Chicago-style dogs, and deep dish.

Since UIC’s push outward has relocated most of the original Polish purveyors, it’s as good a time as any to start a Polish sausage tradition of your own. This comes straight from Death Toll Scholl, who may not be Macedonian, but definitely isn’t Polish either.

Man B Que Maxwell Street Polish

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    Home made sausages are fantastic! Probably since you know what they contain och you have selected the spices yourself 🙂

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