Meat Shot Glasses Recipe

Meat Shot Glasses Recipe

Soooo, a few months ago we were on an awesome, Chicago food show, Chicago’s Best TV. We had a couple of awesome recipes and our catering operation showcased. The response was pretty impressive, we had a lot of people contacting us to cater their weddings, birthday parties, funerals, all sorts of things.

Anyways, the other request was the recipe for the meat shot glasses that we used for our homemade bacon vodka. The only problem was, there really wasn’t a recipe for the meat shot glasses. The focus was supposed to be on the homemade bacon vodka, but America is obsessed with food creations, hence the popularity of things like Epic Mealtime and, well, Manbque Meat Architecture. The overwhelming demands dictated that we create a recipe which meant us making/drinking more bacon vodka just so we could perfect the meat shot glass. I’m sure you feel sorry for us. Well, “America, this meat shot glass recipe is for you!”

Side note: This can also be called the Holly Rebecca recipe because she’s been harassing us for the recipe and I’m afraid if we don’t post it she might come after us with a rusty chef’s knife…

What you need:
Stainless steel shot glasses with no logos or designs on it.(unless you don’t mind toxic fumes)


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