Prosciutto Sriracha Burger Recipe

Prosciutto Sriracha Burger Recipe

Manbque MEATings are always guaranteed to bring out some pretty great recipes and February’s winning recipe didn’t let us down. When I like something I taste it’s force of habit for me to immediately ask what ingredients they used, but the first bite of this burger rendered me speechless, which people that know me can attest, is no easy feat. Jason, aka The Bodyguard, did a damn fine job in both shutting me up AND crafting a delicious burger.

There were layers upon layers of flavors attacking my taste buds at once all while perfectly complimenting each other. WTF, how was this possible? When the burger was finally, forcefully taken away from me, I got the rundown of the recipe and it all made sense.

Do yourself a favor, go start up the grill and make this burger. Just make enough for friends because they will be impressed and I encourage that you take full credit for this, you liar. Since you’ve got an awesome recipe and some great beer, you’ll need some good music. Lucky for you, Jason also happens to be in a kick-ass band that you HAVE to check out, Czar. There you have it, Meat. Beer. Rock n Roll.

-The Godfather

This is a pretty loose recipe based on your taste for size and seasoning. For a less spicy version, swap the chili pepper oil for olive oil and the sriracha for ketchup.