The Big Kahuna Burger

The Big Kahuna Burger

This summer, Man B Que introduced food judging to the monthly MEATings, with the most popular dishes winning, variously, t-shirts, gift certificates and whatever else sponsors and friends of MBQ give us to give you.

Judging between a couple dozen different meats is harder than you’d imagine. Best job in the world? Shit yes it is. But the quality of food at the MEATings is such that it’s really hard to separate the best from the merely awesome.

This one, from MBQ member London Broil, won top honors in June for the unique seasoning as much as the perfect way it was cooked. The pineapple, an ingredient that always causes skepticism, kept the burger juicy and added a different texture than you’re used to. In addition, cinnamon is a virtually unknown ingredient in meat outside of Cincinnati chili, and gets a chance to bolster the other flavors here. The addition of crunchy coleslaw knocks it out of the park. I’ve named it the Big Kahuna Burger, since it is indeed one tasty motherfuckin’ burger.

And finally, in London Broil’s own words:

“BBQ sauce is good on the burger. Or, as an alternative to regular coleslaw on top, I like using coleslaw mixed with BBQ sauce instead of mayo.
I like to throw a splash of the leftover pineapple juice in with the mix too. But that’s just an option.”