Stout at the Devil: 5 beers to try this weekend

Stout at the Devil: 5 beers to try this weekend

Ok, technically, spring is upon us and pretty soon all of the lighter and seasonal ales are going to start filling the shelves at the corner beer shops and taking over the tap handles at the local watering holes.  Stout “season” is over…well, I don’t buy into this. Nope. Stout season for me is a year-round affair. Especially with coffee stouts. While you’re enjoying a Half Acre Daisy Cutter as you’re lounging by the pool, I’m looking for a Founders Breakfast Stout to quench my thirst.

I know, this is probably not exemplary beer drinker behavior, but I never claimed to be an exemplary beer drinker. (I also have a fear of Peeps and people under 5 feet tall, don’t judge me, just hear me out.) Stretch out this stout season like that summer romance you had before you got into high school, because unlike that girl, these stouts aren’t going to dump you and tell their friends how much you suck at life.

Here are 5 beers you HAVE try this weekend:

1. “Drago” by Wild Onion Brewery
Named after the best fictional, movie anti-hero I’ve ever hated, Drago; this stout has HUGE
flavor and was damn tasty. Very malty with the perfect amount of coffee flavor.

2. “I’ll Have One More Stout” by Dark Horse Brewing
A very ambitious collaboration between the awesome, Cleetus Friedman and Dark Horse, this beer was like a liquid candy bar (In a good way). The strongest flavor I seemed to get was the toasted rice but I was still able to get a good caramel flavor. (Swing by Fischman Liquors for a taste)

3. “GFY” by Spiteful Brewing
I’m a sucker for Imperial Stouts and if I wasn’t, the G.F.Y would make me. A drier stout, this was a thing of beauty. It was smooth, drinkable and had amazing coffee flavor. Spiteful may be new to the scene but they have raised the bar pretty high.

4. “Java Stout” by Bells brewery
I have never been super-impressed by Bells, except for the Hop Slam. I don’t dislike them,  I just feel their beers are, well, good enough. The Java Stout had me singing a different tune. I smelled the coffee as soon as I opened the bottle. Such a smooth beer and a great, almost sweet finish. I’m sorry I doubted you, Bells.

5. “Chocolate Camaro” by Half Acre Brewing
Half Acre never ceases to amaze me. Chocolate Camaro was soooo smooth, easy-carbonated and the flavors that came from it were perfectly pronounced without being overwhelming. I got hints of toffee, dark chocolate and coffee all with a friendly layer of sweetness from the lactose.

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