This Is Not A Test: Blood Eagle

This Is Not A Test: Blood Eagle


Welcome to the first installment from the new ManBQue Metal Correspondent – Dr. Dangerous. His aim will be to share new music, local shows, good stories and, because it’s the fucking internet, some wild opinions. 

On the heels of the miserable Polar Vortex winter, I decided to offer you a record worthy of listening while anxiously observing the last of the snow melting away to its suitable resting place: the sewer. As four months of trash and filth wash through the gutters that should be rightfully occupied by many of us, the name of the game for March in Chicagoland is Sludge metal.

Metal is a diverse genre and offers more poisons than you could imagine but for me the Sludge and Doom metals have always ranked amongst the finest. For the riffs can be like drugs, which isn’t surprising given the drug influence and imagery on display. But don’t get me wrong, Sludge and Doom are about more than drugs, dark psychedelic imagery, medieval weapons, beards, the occult, misery, battles, whiskey or cough syrup – this is also just good fucking music. March’s new releases features a true cleaver in the Conan release “Blood Eagle.”


Conan (U.K.) are no strangers to head crushing riffs best enjoyed at maximum volume.  Blood Eagle, released February 28th, is no different. What we have here is a soundtrack to slow-motion bludgeoning by war hammer. This record is an anvil created by a three piece capable of concise sludge tracks that march hard. Real fucking hard.

Unfortunately,unless you will be across, the pond a live Conan experience is not in the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t crank this war machine to 11 and prepare to pillage Spring proper. Listen, enjoy, and think about this being the soundtrack for your next Meating.

Suggested Pairings:
The rarest slab of meat you’ve ever eaten (ideally butchered yourself), English stout and whatever that shit is that Gandalf smokes.

Stream Conan – Blood Eagle here:
Hail Conan here:

And while a Conan show isn’t in the picture for us Chicagoans, here’s a list of some face-melting bands playing around town:


3/21 – Whores., Lo-Pan, The Swan King, Marmora – Cobra Lounge
3/22 – Weekend Nachos, La Armada, Pig Champion, Eske, Still Alive – Cobra Lounge
3/22 – King Buzzo (of melvins), The Gunshy  – Beat Kitchen
4/11 – Dillinger Escape Plan, Trash Talk, Retox, Shining – The Metro
4/17 – Godflesh, Cut Hands, Czar – Metro
4/26 – Dark Lord Day – Bands TBA – FFF
4/27 – Iron Reagan, Occultist, Enabler, In The Weeds – Cobra Lounge
5/17 – Pig Destroyer, Weekend Nachos, Plague Bringer, The Lion’s Daughter – Reggie’s
5/31 – High on Fire – Empty Bottle


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