You Mean Soundtracks Were Good?

You Mean Soundtracks Were Good?


By O’Doul’s & Phelps

This time around, we look back at some of our favorite soundtracks.  So, basically, the 80’s through the early 00’s had some great soundtracks that went hand in hand with the movie. This isn’t a definitive list, just what we dig. You may dig the soundtrack to Forrest Gump, but it may not even crack our top 5.

We were inspired to do this because of Adam’s friends Adolfo & Carrie’s show “Set the Dial” on FDTC Network as well as from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. Seriously, it’s been a long fucking time since a soundtrack was THAT good.  Also, Adam didn’t include Empire Records because of 4 tracks that are in the movie and not on the soundtrack. Can you guess them?  No?  They are “Seems” by Queen Sarah Saturday, “Thorn in My Side” by Quicksand, “Plowed” by Sponge and “Saddam-A-Go-Go” as told by the everpresent GWAR. Let’s face it: if anyone deserved a fucking Viking funeral, it was Oderus.

Does anyone else remember when movie soundtracks reflected a decent movie or when movies were actually decent enough to have an awesome soundtrack? We’re willing to bet that most of you do, so we’ve decided to take things into our own hands and inform the rest of you. We realize that ManBQue has some younger members so it’s only fair that we share with the youngins. As a frame of reference, Walter “Slim Shady” Kinser here in Columbus didn’t start shaving until most of us reached our thirties. He can crush folks behind a grill, but don’t ask him about Smokey Robinson because he’ll be dead positive that he was the fella that “wouldn’t change seats on a bus a really long time ago”. At the very least, it’ll be 50/50 between him and “Rosetta Stone”. Remember, the children are our future and that’s why it’s necessary to educate about our past.

1. The Crow – Atlantic Records 1994


O’Doul’s – If you haven’t seen The Crow or heard the soundtrack, immediately punch yourself in the face 100 times and then watch & listen to both.  This is a prime example of a soundtrack and movie doing what they should.  Based on a comic by James O’Barr, it is best known as Brandon Lee’s last film, but it’s really a great movie with a fucking killer soundtrack.

The soundtrack carries some well-known bands of the time (Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, and The Cure) and some lesser known bands coming into their own (Helmet, Jesus & Mary Chain, For Love Not Lisa).  The best known track off of this would be “Big Empty” by Stone Temple Pilots.  Listening to the opener, “Burn”, by The Cure brings up images of Brandon Lee applying makeup and is a solid choice to kick off this sonic blast of eargasms.  You also have Pantera doing a cover of Poison Idea’s “The Badge” and knocking it out of the fucking park.  This assault on your senses pairs well with chicken thighs, because both are dark and full of flavor. My standout tracks are “Milquetoast” by Helmet, “Burn” by The Cure, “Dead Souls” by Nine Inch Nails and “The Badge” by Pantera.


2. The Big Chill (Deluxe Edition) –  Universal 2004


Phelps— Originally released in 1983, this soundtrack only included 10, count ’em, 10 tracks from a movie with almost 40 tracks of phenomenal music. With 38 tracks of bad ass, The Deluxe Edition finally does an amazing movie with a superior soundtrack some justice after over 20 years. After all, any album that can go from Marvin Gaye to Three Dog Night to Aretha Franklin to The Zombies and literally everything in between needs to be commended and listened to at length.

This entire soundtrack encompasses a generation of music, and people, that laid the very foundation for every band has the privilege of playing music today. I would give you standout tracks, but I would just be listing 38 tracks.  If you already own it, congratulations are in order, you were raised right. If you don’t, you’re officially everything your parents thought you would grow up to be when you kept fucking up in high school. Do yourself a favor, delinquent, pick up the movie too.

3. Judgement Night—Immortal/Epic 1993


O’Doul’s— This soundtrack is the perfect marriage of well-known hip-hop/rock/metal artists of the time.  You say “isn’t that Nu Metal?” the answer is an emphatic no. This is what Korn, late 90’s Vanilla Ice Cream, Limp Bisquick, and Linkin Pork (see what I did there?) all wish they were.  None of those bands come close to this. This movie is as dark and grimy as the soundtrack.

You want to hear Onyx with Biohazard? We got that. Faith No More with Boo Ya Tribe? Consider it done. Oh Wait, you want to hear Mudhoney with Sir Mix A Lot? Of course you do. There’s not much to say about this soundtrack other than buy it anywhere you can. These dope jams are still way ahead of their time and heavily influenced by the Biohazard remix of Onyx’s Slam. This kicks off with the Helmet & House of Pain track “Just Another Victim” and just goes uphill from there.

This pairs well with a heavily rubbed pork butt smoked all day and topped with a homemade Eastern North Carolina BBQ Sauce (tangy vinegar, not mustard).  A handful of standout tracks are “Just Another Victim” by Helmet/House of Pain,” Me, Myself, & My Microphone” by Living Colour/Run DMC,” Missing Link” by Dinosaur Jr/Del The Funky Homosapien and ” Fallin’ by Teenage Fanclub/De La Soul.

 4. Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight—Atlantic 1995


Phelps— This movie was widely panned by critics and even faced some backlash from Christian groups, but God damn does it have a stellar soundtrack. This album tears directly through your face hole right off the bat with Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates” and keeps the wrecking ball swinging with the likes of Rollins Band, The Melvins, Sepultura and more. Honestly, pop this album in and listen to “Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Filter and tell me you’re not a better person because of it. You can’t, can you? Damn right you can’t.

If you really want to freak out the neighbors, throw on a three piece suit and roast an entire hog over your homemade fire and brimstone backyard BBQ pit while you blast Ministry’s “Tonight We Murder” because, hey, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Some standout tracks on this album are “Policia” by Sepultura, “Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Filter and “Fall Guy” by Rollins Band. If this record were edible it would be the breakfast of champions. So come on guys, eat your Wheaties.

5. Godmoney—V2 1997


O’Doul’s—So this soundtrack is from an unknown indie flick that stars Rick Rodney from the band Strife and was directed by acclaimed punk/hardcore music video director Darren Doane. Being a hardcore kid and straight edge (nicknamed O’Doul’s for a reason, do the math) this soundtrack really resonated with me even though I wasn’t edge at the time.

The movie is kind of cheesy, but the soundtrack makes it work. This mixed tape of trying to get on your feet covers every punk sub-genre there is, including tracks by Strife, Far, Guttermouth, Dance Hall Crashers, and more.  Check it out, or don’t. Eat a big medium rare porterhouse while jamming this to piss off PETA, vegetarians, & vegans. Some of the standout tracks are “Untitled” by Strife, “Saying Goodbye Again” by Rollins Band, “Doing Time” by MxPx and “Lucky” by Descendants.


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    I’m surprised SLC Punk isn’t listed. Minor Threat, Adolescents, Dead Kennedy’s… even a little Glen Campbell. Excellent soundtrack.

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