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ManBQue is a Chicago-based grilling and lifestyle organization for outdoor cooks, music lovers, craft beer obsessives, and all manner of modern urban Viking. Once a month, in cities across the country,  our chapters meet in back yards, back alleys, rooftops, beaches, and anywhere else with room for a grill, a cooler, and speakers at maximum volume.

It’s delicious, it’s messy, it’s loud. It’s ManBQue! 

About Us

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Clayton Hauck for ManBQue

Learn to Cook


If it grazes in a field, flies in the air, or swims in the sea, we can probably cook it. Before there was artisan toast or cruelty-free mayonnaise, there was meat and there was fire. We start with the best stuff, try not to screw it up, and let you know how to make your cow, fish, bird, or pig taste like a champ. Come cook with us – maybe open a beer while you’re at it.


We Wrote Another Book

Meat. Beer. Literacy.

The ManBQue Cookbooks



We wrote a book. Twice! In ManBQue: Meat. Beer. Rock N’ Roll. (2014) we cover everything you need to know about grilling, from slow-smoked baby back ribs to a pork tongue Reuben. In Eat Street (2016), we talk about the best bites we’ve ever eaten and show you to how make them in your own kitchen – and we tell you exactly which beer goes best with it. If you like beer, love food, and can read at a fourth grade level or above, we think you’ll find something to enjoy.

MANBQUE: 120 Essential Recipes for the Modern Man MANBQUE: Eat Street




The Blog

The Blog

Clayton Hauck for ManBQue

Food & Beer

We have opinions on meat and beer. So, so many opinions. If you need to figure out how your Filipino pig face skillet should taste, what barrel-aged beer you should invest in, or how to get started fermenting stuff, we’ve got your covered. Come learn something neat – the swearing and typos let you know we’re regular people like you!



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Events Near You


We team up with local restaurants, bars, and brewers to help spread our boozy, meat-scented gospel. If you’ve ever wanted to join us and show your skill over the coals, or even just wanted to see for yourself what we’re all about, we’ve got an event coming up just for you. 

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Clayton Hauck for ManBQue